A Call to Come to the Farm

Summer is a beautiful time to be on the farm.  The fields are teeming with life, in all shapes and sizes, and the world around you feels alive; you can hear it in the call of birds and the buzz of insects, and you can smell it in the hot air.  Baby swallows sit atop trellis posts, waiting for their parents to bring them meals from the field.  Gusts of wind blow countless specks of corn pollen from one stalk to another, a clever pollination trick.  Dozens of species of plants (planted and wild) flash colorful flowers to advertise their wares; a giant bazaar of vendors shouting out with colors, shapes and pheromones.

There is no better time to see the farm in action than during summer.  The fields are in full production, and the edible bounty of the planet is ripe for the picking.  A meal cooked with the diversity of veggies we are harvesting right now will have you working in every color of the rainbow!  The farm right now is a busy place, filled 24/7 with the endless interactions of organisms with each other and their environment.  It feels rejuvenating when you’ve had time to go out into nature and feel a little closer to the environment around you, to see and be reminded of how you are connected to the land you live off.

Our farms mission statement explains that we strive to strengthen the relationship between community members, their farmers, their food and the land.  Our endeavor is always to be a place from which you can find knowledge, comfort, wonder and fun as you connect with the natural world; indeed, we would agree with the Japanese farmer/philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka when he said that “the ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”  What better way can we offer to serve you than to invite you out to the farm?

Talk to us about coming to volunteer some time out in the fields.  Whether you can stay with us for a day or a couple hours, we’d love to have your help and to show you how your food grows.  Whether you make it a regular thing, or a single experience I urge you to find the time to come out and connect with the earth, through your food.  Take time with us to get a fresh perspective of the world around you, or to rejuvenate from a hectic schedule.  We’re here all day, everyday, and we’d love to see you!

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