Introducing our Full Season Apprentices: Emily

Our full season apprentices work and live on the farm between April and November. The apprenticeship is created for individuals interested in gaining hands-on experience in sustainable vegetable production and the marketing of produce through a Community Supported Agriculture project and local farmers’ markets. We have had three full season with us for about a month now, and everyone has settled in nicely. The following three posts (including this one) are written by the apprentices themselves, and will introduce you to each of them. We’re excited to welcome them into our community; keep your eye out for them at our farmers markets and other events. Todays message is from Emily:

Emily checks out a small worm on her thumb, while simultaneously giving her approval with a thumbs up!

Emily checks out a small worm on her thumb, while simultaneously giving her approval with a thumbs up!

Hi y’all, I’m Emily. I am a Maryland native and happy to be back in my home state as an apprentice at Colchester. A lot of people (like my mom) might wonder why a young, educated person such as myself would want to do physical labor for little pay instead of working toward a corner office and a salary. Two previous experiences have led me to pursue a farm apprenticeship.

First, I attended Warren Wilson College, where I heard the word “sustainability” used at least once a day. Sustainability – or the ability to continue for a long time – is a quality that can be used to question the currently accepted methods for food systems, governing systems, social systems. As a student, I was challenged to in some way blaze an unconventional path toward a more sustainable future. After graduating, I went forth with that challenge in mind and had my second experience: I served in AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC). For ten months, I was a member of a team that completed projects in communities across the southwestern states. The projects introduced me to farming and park work and made me realize that I like working with my hands.

I have no plans to save the world, but I hope that I will come away from this apprenticeship with skills I can use to contribute to endeavors that are both environmentally responsible and concerned with the well-being of all people. I realize that is very vague, but hey I’m a milennial and I’m taking things one step at a time…

While I’m here at Colchester, I hope to learn more about canning and other preservation methods, beekeeping, composting, seasonal eating and farmer’s tans.


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