Week 14 of 2013 Season

Expected Harvest:

  • beans, indy gold
  • beans, maxibel
  • beans, red noodle
  • beets – red
  • carrots – orange and rainbow mix
  • cucumbers – slicing and a limited amount of pickling
  • eggplant – mixed varieties
  • flowers – bunches of zinnias
  • garlic – Music
  • lettuce mix
  • melons – jenny lind and cantaloupe
  • okra
  • onions – white
  • peppers – mostly ripe red and yellow peppers
  • potatoes – red gold (red-skinned, yellow interior)
  • summer squash and zucchini
  • sweet corn
  • tomatillos
  • tomatoes – cherry, red slicers and a mixed variety of heirlooms
  • watermelon – quetzali (pink inside) and early moonbeam (yellow)


  • basil
  • parsley
  • mixed hot peppers

Coming soon:

I planted our first batch of fall greens, radishes, turnips, etc a little over two weeks, so in a week or two we should have some of the quicker growing crops–mesclun (baby mustard and asian greens), arugula, and French breakfast radishes–followed soon after by baby bok choy and hakurei turnips.

We also have some fennel that is just about ready.  We might start harvesting that in the next week or two.

As many of our veteran CSA members well know, we don’t always have the best luck with winter squash and pumpkins.  This year we tried planting our winter squash a little later this year to see if that might help them do better.  The plants have been flowering for several weeks now and are all forming fruits at this point (butternuts, acorn, sweet dumpling, delicata, and pumpkins).  We hope to have some winter squash and pumpkins to offer you this fall.


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