Week 3 of 2013 Season

Expected Harvest

New this week

  • cabbage, red and green varities
  • escarole
  • peas – snow peas
  • swiss chard – rainbow mix

Plus more of…

  • bok choy – joi choi (a large, white-stemmed variety)
  • broccoli
  • garlic scapes (for more information, see this article, “The Great Scape: Curls of Green” by Jackie Varriano on Culinate)
  • kale – winterbor and lacinato varieties
  • kohlrabi (for more information, see “Kohlrabi Recipes: How to Cook the Tricky Vegetable in Your CSA” by Rebecca Orchant at The Huffington Post)
  • lettuce mix – a blend of red, green, and speckled loose leaf lettuces
  • head lettuce – romaine and butterhead varieties
  • peas – sugar snap
  • radishes – french breakfast
  • scallions
  • spinach – large, but tender leaves of a savoyed variety

Bonus Herbs:

  • oregano

Coming Soon:

We have a nice batch of shell peas starting to fill in but they didn’t quite look ready to pick for tomorrow.  I think they should definitely be in by next week.

Next week we should also have some beets ready for you.  We have mostly red beets planted but we also tried some of the chioggia or candy-striped variety, so we’ll have some of those to offer as well.

We also will have some dill and cilantro very soon… perhaps next week as well.  Parsley will take a little longer.  We spent the afternoon on Monday weeding our parsley bed and the plants look good, but I want to let them grow a little larger before we start harvesting.  We are growing three varieties this year: gigante d’Italia, forest green (curly type), and dark green Italian.

Our first batch of summer squash are starting to flower, but the plants are still fairly small.  But soon, perhaps in a couple of weeks, we will have a mix of yellow summer squash, zephyr, green-skinned and golden-skinned zucchini, and patty pan squash to harvest.

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