Monthly Archives: May 2013

Expected Harvest

Each week I will send out a list of what we expect to harvest and have available at our CSA distribution that week. But, please remember that this list is just an estimate based on a quick walk-through of our fields and not a guarantee of what will be at the pick-ups. What we are actually able to harvest may change according to how things look when we are out in the fields that day.

This is what we plan to have this week:

  • bok choy – joi choi (a large, white-stemmed variety)
  • broccoli (limited quantities. It is just starting to mature and we hope to have more to harvest and offer next week.)
  • garlic scapes (for more information, see this article, “The Great Scape: Curls of Green” by Jackie Varriano on Culinate)
  • kale – winterbor and lacinato varieties
  • kohlrabi (for more information, see “Kohlrabi Recipes: How to Cook the Tricky Vegetable in Your CSA” by Rebecca Orchant at The Huffington Post)
  • lettuce mix – a blend of red, green, and speckled loose leaf lettuces
  • head lettuce – romaine and butterhead varieties
  • radishes – french breakfast
  • scallions
  • spinach – large, but tender leaves of a savoyed variety

Bonus Herbs:

  • oregano

And, if we have enough room in the truck, we may bring some of what we have left of our stored sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and onions from last year’s harvest.

Coming Soon:
Our spring peas are looking great and will be ready soon. We have an early sugar snap variety called Sugar Ann that is not quite ready to pick tomorrow, but I think it only needs a few more days before the first of its pods are ready to pick. We should have some for you all by next Tuesday. We also have snow, shell, and a later-maturing sugar snap that are just starting to flower and so may still be about 2 weeks until they are ready to harvest.