Week 26 of 2012 Season – Final Week

This is the last week of the 2012 CSA season.  Thank you all for participating in our community supported agriculture program this year.  It has been great getting to know you all at the pick-ups, sharing new varieties of produce, exchanging recipes and cooking tips.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the produce you’ve received this season and will consider joining us again next year.  We will have brochures at the pick-up with information about the 2013 season.  You can also sign up through our website.

We will continue attending the Chestertown Farmers’ market with what we have remaining in our fields.  We hope you continue to stop by and visit.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Expected Harvest

New this week:

  • collards
  • popcorn

Plus more of…

  • arugula
  • beets  – red
  • bok choy
  • cabbage – red, green, or savoy
  • carrots
  • cauliflower
  • celeriac or celery root
  • fennel
  • rocambole garlic
  • kale – lacinato, red russian, winterbor
  • kohlrabi, kolibri (purple) and kossak (giant green)
  • lettuce mix
  • mesclun
  • onions – red and yellow
  • parsnips
  • peppers – mostly green with some red, yellow, orange, or purple bell peppers
  • potatoes: satina (yellow skin and interior) red pontiac (red-skinned, white interior) and French fingerling (waxy, red-skinned, light yellow-fleshed fingerling)
  • radish, daikon
  • radish, French breakfast
  • radish, watermelon
  • sweet potatoes – beaureguard (orange interior) and Nancy Hall (tan skin and yellow interior)
  • swiss chard
  • turnips – gold ball (light yellow, mild-flavored turnip)
  • turnips – hakurei (a sweet, white salad turnip)
  • turnips – purple top white globe

Bonus Herbs & Other things:

  • lemon grass
  • rosemary

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