Week 19 of 2012 Season

Expected Harvest:

New this week:


Plus more of…

  • arugula
  • baby bok choy
  • green beans – French and yellow wax varieties
  • carrots – orange
  • garlic, hardneck – Spanish roja
  • kohlrabi
  • lettuce mix
  • mesclun
  • okra
  • onions – sweet, white and red torpedo (an oblong, red onion)
  • peppers – red, yellow, orange, and purple bell peppers
  • potatoes: dark red norland (red-skinned, white interior) or satina (yellow skin and interior)
  • radish, French breakfast
  • scallions
  • Swiss chard
  • tomatoes – cherry (a mix of red, orange, yellow, purple, and maybe even some green)
  • tomatoes – red and heirloom and paste varieties
  • turnips – hakurei (a sweet, white salad turnip)

Bonus Herbs & Other things:

  • basil
  • hot peppers including: fish, habanero, jalapeño, poblano, and anaheim peppers
  • lemon grass

Coming soon…

Our watermelon radishes are are starting to size up,  but they are still a little small for harvesting.  They should be ready soon, though… perhaps in a week or two.

Pretty soon we will have broccoli.  We’ve found a few heads here and there that were ready to pick, but the majority aren’t quite there.  Depending on how fast they grow, we might have some ready to pick for you all next week.  We also have cauliflower planted, but it usually takes a little longer than broccoli, and it seems to still be few weeks away from maturity.

We also have some fennel planted for fall harvest.  It seems to have taken longer than usual to reach harvestable size this fall, but it is finally getting close.

And, we will start digging our sweet potatoes soon.  This year we grew three varieties: Beaureguard (traditional moist, orange-fleshed variety), Bunch Porto Ricos (bronze skin with sweet, yellowish-orange interior), and Nancy Halls (a tan-skinned sweet potato with creamy yellow interior). First we dig them, then we need to cure them for at least one week to improve flavor and storability.  So, it will still be a couple of weeks until we’ll have some ready to hand out.


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