Week 8 of 2012 Season

Expected Harvest:

New this week…
sweet corn – luscious (a bicolor variety)
white onions
jalapeños (as a bonus item)

Plus more of…
beans – green and yellow wax beans
cabbage – green and red
cucumbers – slicing and lemon
cucumbers – pickling (we are offering a pickling amount this week: 5 pounds)
eggplant – a variety of Asian and Italian varieties

flowers (black-eyed susan or rudbeckia)-make your own bouquet

fresh softneck garlic – variety: broadleaf czech
lettuce mix – a blend of red, green, and speckled loose leaf lettuces

potatoes: dark red norland (red-skinned, white interior), red gold (red skin, yellow flesh) or augusta (yellow skin and interior)

summer squash, patty pan squash & zucchini (green or golden)
swiss chard

tomatoes – cherry (a mix of red, orange, yellow, purple, and maybe even some green)

turnips – hakurei (the sweet, white variety)

Bonus Herbs & Other things:
basil (we are going to bring a good amount, so feel free to take enough to make yourself a batch of pesto)
garlic scapes (We are offering these as a bonus this week.  Please take as many as you can use.)

Future harvests…
Many of our summer crops are starting to arrive (sweet corn, eggplant, squash and cucumbers) with a few still just around the corner: tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon are all coming soon.  As each day passes, more and more cherry tomatoes are ripening.  We have only found a few ripe red and heirloom tomatoes so far, but soon we will have some for you all.  Watermelons are also only a week or two away.  We found one that was close but it still wasn’t fully ripe and sweet inside.

Sweet Corn with Corn Earworm

A Note About Our Sweet Corn

Here at Colchester Farm, we did not spray our sweet corn with any pesticides, so I wanted to send you all a friendly warning that you may find some critters in your ears of corn.  During harvest, we opened a few up to see how the  corn looked, and in a few we found corn ear worms living in the tip of the ear.  There was only a little damage at the tip with the rest of the ear untouched.  At the pick-up, please feel free to peel off some of the husk and peak inside to see how your corn looks before taking it home.  We’d be happy to cut off the tips for you if there are ear worms present.  We hope you will still be willing to give the corn a try because it would be a shame to let a few worms get in the way of this sweet, delicious corn.



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