Week 7 of 2012 Season

Expected Harvest:
Each week I will send out a list of what we expect to harvest and distribute to our CSA members that week.  But, please remember that this list is just an estimate based on a quick walk-through of our fields and not a guarantee of what will be at the pick-ups.  What we are actually able to harvest may change according to how things look when we are out in the fields that day.


New this week…
beans – green and yellow wax beans
eggplant – a variety of Asian and Italian varieties

Plus more of…
cabbage – green and red
cucumbers – slicing and lemon
cucumbers – pickling (we are offering a pickling amount this week: 5 pounds)
flowers (snap dragons and black-eyed susan or rudbeckia)-make your own bouquet
fresh softneck garlic – variety: broadleaf czech
kale – winterbor & lacinato
lettuce mix – a blend of red, green, and speckled loose leaf lettuces
onions – purplette (mini red onions) or sweet, white onions
peas – sugar snap or shell

new potatoes: dark red norland (red-skinned, white interior), red gold (red skin, yellow flesh) or augusta (yellow skin and interior)

summer squash, patty pan squash & zucchini (green or golden)
swiss chard
turnips – hakurei (the sweet, white variety)

Bonus Herbs:
basil (we are going to bring a good amount, so feel free to take enough to make yourself a batch of pesto)
garlic scapes (We are offering these as a bonus this week.  Please take as many as you can use.)

Future harvests…
Our spring, cool-weather crops are on their way out and summer crops are on their way in.  Our radishes and head lettuce are done until the fall.  This is the last week for peas.  This may also be the last week for kale.

Tomatoes, sweet corn, tomatillos, okra, and watermelons will be showing up at the pick-up before long.  We may have cherry tomatoes at the pick-up this week, but I’m not 100 percent sure.  We have to wait and see what we are able to harvest.  The rest of our tomatoes are a little further behind.  There are some nice green fruits, but we haven’t seen any sign of red (…or yellow or orange) yet.  Sweet corn is coming soon–it may be ready in about two weeks.  The silks have just started changing from bright pink to a dry brown, and the ears are starting to plump up.  We planted a bi-color variety called luscious.  Tomatillos are also looking good: there are a lot of bright green “lanterns” hanging from the plants, but they aren’t quite filled in by the tomatillos inside yet. They may be ready in a week or two.  Even though our okra plants are still small, they are just starting to flower and produce a few pods.  We should have okra available  in a couple of weeks.  Watermelons are also a couple of weeks away.  There are some fruits sizing up out in the field, but they still have a little ways to go.

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  1. Sheri Pirillo said:

    I’m dreaming about carrot cake. Love the photos.

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