Farmy Thanksgiving

by Zoë Abram

I love Thanksgiving primarily because of the rituals. I love the debates about which pies to make and which to skip this year. (Which are you choosing?) I love the invariably underestimated cooking time for the main dish. I love how food takes on even more of an importance and a central presence … each Thanksgiving I wonder how we can better treat our time together with this much thought and care throughout the year.

On the farm too, Thanksgiving harvest is a special moment. The cold weather keeps us moving, digging parsnips and cutting bok choy.  It’s a good time for CSA — Thanksgiving is one of the times of year that tradition still matches eating seasonally in this region very well. We have many of the root vegetables and hearty greens that usually grace Thanksgiving tables, and it feels so lucky to be able to share that abundance among our members. The long harvest days provide moments to reflect on the season we’ve had, all the produce that came from it and all the work that went in. As this season ends we look forward to hearing your thoughts — what was it like for you this year??

We feel winter coming as we adjust our start time due to frost, or pull back row cover that protects more delicate crops. Already the fields look different — the tomato trellises are gone, black plastic is ripped from the beds that had it, and many fields are mowed or in cover. This year we have 2 fields in daikon, also called “tillage radish” when it is planted as a cover crop. The daikon penetrates the soil deeply, helping to keep it aerated throughout the winter, and holding on to some of the nutrients for spring crops.

Cover crops are one instance in which the focus of this part of the season turns towards next spring. We’re looking towards spring in many ways: this week we moved the new laying hens in with the older ones. They all seem to be getting along fine. We’re so excited to have eggs to sell next season. Probably most importantly, we’re accepting 2012 members and thinking of ways to expand our membership for next year. We look forward to asking for your advice, help and input in that process. As the season turns we feel so grateful to be a part of this community and send all our wishes for the happiest Thanksgivings!


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