Upcoming Events

These are cooler days, when we only sometimes take off the layers we bundle on in the early morning. Fall also brings time for reflection. What a season this has been so far! Even with extreme wetness and extreme heat, this has been an abundant season. Remember peas and the early season head lettuce? As the tomatoes wind down, I remember when we had so much more than we could eat. Let’s celebrate together! Please check out our upcoming events.

Mark Your Calendars — Here are the Upcoming Events!

On Friday, October 14th 4-6pm we will hold a Pick Up Party! Bring friends or family out to the farm, eat some snacks and/or take a tour of the fields. There will be spots to sit and talk, some music, and we can all enjoy the farm in fall.

Then, on Sunday October 23rd, come to the Garlic Planting Party! Garlic is planted in fall, and then it stays in the ground over the whole winter and grows in spring for mid-summer harvest. We will plant 10 varieties this year! There will be hot drinks and roasted garlic to eat on bread. If you want, feel free to bring friends, or food or drinks to share. Some of us will sit around tables and break apart the cloves of garlic, sorting the big single cloves for planting. Others will help in the field, placing the cloves in the rows. There will be something for everyone to enjoy. Hope to see you there!



One of our goals for next season is to reach our full capacity of 150 CSA members. Please help us! Check out the upcoming events and, if you want, think of them as “friendraisers.” Bring neighbors, family, friends … anyone you think might be interested in joining the CSA. We’ll help you to share the farm with them. Hopefully exposing them to what we’re about will help them think about whether joining would be a good fit.

Join Again Now!

With the change in temperature, come tasks of planning for next season, building a new high tunnel, and figuring out the budget. We hope that for you, too, fall is a time to appreciate this CSA season and to plan for the next one. Will you join Colchester again for 2012?

If you can – please sign up this fall! There will be sign-up forms soon at upcoming pick-ups.  Members signing up in the fall is vital to supporting the CSA. When you join in the fall, your commitment can buy seed and other supplies for next year, and help to fund some necessary equipment improvements. Membership forms are also available here as a pdf.


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