Week 14 of 2011 Season

Hurricane Irene update:  I just wanted to share that the farm made it through the strong winds and heavy rains without much harm.  A few of our tomato trellises fell over.  Some of our okra and popcorn fell over, but on the whole we made it through fine.  We did lose power and have yet to get it back.  (I’m sitting in the Galena library right now sending out this email.)  We were able to get out and harvest today, but we didn’t have water to wash anything, so the beets and carrots will be a little dirty today.

We hope you all made it through the hurricane this weekend without too much damage.

Expected Harvest

beans, french variety
garlic – a variety called ‘Music’
onions, red
peppers -red-ripe sweet bells and some purple
potatoes – chieftan (a red-skinned, white-fleshed variety) and satina (yellow-fleshed)
tomatoes – cherry, heirloom, paste and red varieties
watermelon – Quetzali (reddish-pink interior)
winter squash – acorn

Bonus Items
hot peppers: anaheim, cayenne, fish, jalapeno, and poblano


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