News from the field

We are excited to harvest our first sweet corn of the season.  We still have peppers and eggplant coming along, but we need to plan our harvests strategically–so we’ll have enough time to pick, wash, and pack up everything in time for it all to be ready and waiting for you by 4 pm.  So, since we have a big patch of green beans and sweet corn plus lettuce mix and more and more cherry tomatoes to harvest, we thought we’d hold off harvesting eggplant and peppers this week and give our eggplant a chance to grow a little more and the peppers time to start ripening.

Coming up soon: tomatillos, okra, and garlic.  The tomatillos are starting to fill in their papery husks and the okra plants are just starting to flower.  The okra, which are the seed pods of the plant, will follow shortly after.  We finished harvesting our garlic last week, and it is all curing, or hanging to dry, right now.  In a week or two, we will start taking it down, cutting off the stalks, and cleaning it up to give out at pick-ups.

And, perhaps by the end of this month, we hope to have some melons ready for harvest.  We are growing the Jenny Lind melon, a sweet green-fleshed variety, a variety of cantelope, and the same variety of watermelon as last year, Quetzali, a sweet, round, pinkish-red fleshed melon. There are lots of nice mlons sizing up in the field but they still need a little more time to ripen.  Below is a photo taken about three weeks ago of Sarah, Adrianne, and Colleen mulching between the rows of melons.  We mulch first with a layer of cardboard and then a layer of straw mostly to keep the weeds down, but also to give the melon a nice bed to rest on while it is growing.  This keeps the fruit from resting directly on the soil which could cause it to rot.  We can hardly wait until they are ripe.

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