News from the field

Our spring crops are on their way out just as our summer crops are starting to come in.  Our peas are finishing up: we’ll harvest the last of our sugar snap and shell peas this week.  Our turnips, bok choy, and broccoli are also finishing up for the spring.  We’ll have more in the late summer and fall when the weather turns cooler again.  We still have some cabbages out in the field which we will harvest and have available at the pick-ups throughout the next several weeks.

We have lots of summer vegetables soon to be coming your way.  Our first round of green beans are ready to be picked.  And, what seems like all of a sudden, our cucumbers have started producing.  We’ll have both pickling and slicing cucumbers available at the pick-up.  Our tomatoes and peppers still aren’t quite ready, but the plants are loaded with lots of green, immature fruit.  But, we are just starting to see the first cherry tomatoes starting to ripen and there are some small eggplant developing, so it won’t be long before we are bringing them to the pick-ups.


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