Garlic Scapes

“Garlic’s First Act” by Rita Calvert
From Edible Chesapeake, Spring 2007

“So, what exactly is a garlic scape?  It is the flower stalk sent up by members of the lily/allium family, which includes onions, leeks, chives, scallions, shallots and garlic…. Left to grow, the scapes will ultimately straighten and then grow little seed-like bulbs…. When the garlic scapes are still in full curl, they are tender, delicious and full of all the well-documented health benefits of garlic.”

Garlic Scape Ideas
–Use them as you would green onions (they just have more character!)
–Add sliced scapes to any stir-fry recipe
–Sauté them in butter and splash with balsamic vinegar, as you would asparagus
–Pickle or steam
–Slice and sprinkle over any pasta, or slice and cook them in almost any sauce recipe
–Add to salads, bruschetta, pizza
–Great in guacamole and fresh salsa
–Chop and mix with softened goat or cream cheese
–Use to season stocks
–Add to any dish with Asian flavors
–Put in Thai chicken/basil/coconut soup (or any soup for that matter)
–Freeze (chopped) in ice cube trays for convenient use later

Here is a link to a good garlic scape hummus recipe:


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