Start of the 2011 Season

Dear CSA Members,

The start of our CSA season is fast approaching.  Here is a little information to get you ready for the start of the season.

When do pick-ups start?

I’m sure that is the question on all of you minds.
Spring started out a bit wet and cool, and so our plantings were delayed quite a bit.  Our season will begin in early June and then run for 26 weeks, ending around Thanksgiving.

We are aiming to begin CSA pick-ups the week after Memorial Day:

  • Tuesday, May 31st (4-6 pm) will be the first Kingstown pick-up.
  • Wednesday, June 1st will be the first Wye delivery.
  • Friday, June 3rd (4-6 pm) will be the first Farm pick-up.  Dover delivery and Purlple Sage (Middletown,DE) drop-off will also start.
  • Saturday, June 4th (8am-10am) will be the first Chestertown farm market pick-up.

If you don’t remember which day you signed up for, please email or call.

CSA Member Welcome Booklet

Last year we put together a booklet of information about our operation and farm to share with you, our CSA members.  We have posted it online and it can be viewed as a pdf document by clicking on this link: CSA Member Booklet.


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